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League Forums

League Forums are a new feature added to the WGANJ website.

How it works:

  • Each league has a forum (mini website).
  • WGANJ members subscribe (join) to individual league forums
  • WGANJ members can post messages to league forums
  • Anyone that has subscribed to a forum can set it up so that forum messages will be sent to their email box


Each league member should subscribe to their league’s forum. When they do this, they can receive an email when a new message is posted by the captain or other league members.

Benefits of using a forum rather than relying on email lists:

  • Email lists aren’t easy to manage.  Adding new members, removing former members, email address updates and all the different types of everyday changes sometimes gets people forgotten or dropped. By using a forum, each member is responsible for subscribing so that they can receive the emails they need to keep informed.

  • WGANJ members interested in playing in a specific league as a sub can subscribe to the league’s forum and be notified when openings are available in that league and see the activity within that league

  • Forums don’t need to only be used for communications, they can be used to engage players.  Did someone play extremely well and got a hole in one? Mention it in your league forum. Did you have the Red, White and Blue contest? Post a new message on your forum about the results. All league member would get the message as long as they have subscribed.

  • Looking for someone to sub? Post a message on the league’s forum and anyone that has subscribed and is not currently on your league will receive a message.

Any questions on how to use the forum please email Karen at kwiecki@gmail.com

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