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2018 League Forums

Each league has a forum which will be used to communicate important information regarding any changes to the schedule.  League members and substitutes should feel free to post messages within the league.

Are you a player that's thinking about trying to play general, intermediate or advanced leagues?  Post a question directly to those league members for their opinion.

To subscribe to specific league forums, be sure to change your settings. Review the Help page.  Need additional help? Post a message on the message board.


Thursdays - The ClubHouse Golf
Time: 6:00 Indoor
Captain: Michelle Donnelly





Alternate Sundays - Paramus GC
Time: 2:00 - 18 Hole
Captain: Jeanette Kirazian


Monday Advanced Beginner II*
- Paramus GC
Time: 5:30 lesson, 5:00 course play
Captain: Cheryl Schwartz

Monday Advanced Beginner II*
- Paramus GC
Time: 5:30 lesson, 5:00 course play
Captain: Kerri Donnelly

Monday* TRIPLE PLAY General
Valley Brook/Sunset ValleyDarlington
Time: 5:10
Captain: Pam Aronowitz


Monday General* - Bowling Green GC
Time: 5:00
Captains: Annie Schmidt &
Jane Litwinka


Monday General* - Paramus GC
Time: 3:20
Captain:  TBD

Monday General* - Paramus GC
Time: 4:30
Captain:  Michelle Crismale


Tuesday Beginner - Darlington
Time: 5:00
Captain:  BethAnn Iapicco

Tuesday Paramus GC
Time: 5:30
Captain: Bethann Iapicco

Tuesday Advanced Beginner- Darlington
Time: 6:00 lesson, 5:00 course play
Captain:  BethAnn Iapicco


Tuesday Adv Beginner - Galloping Hill GC
Time: 6:00 lessons, 5:30 course play
Captain: Shaunagh Guinness
Tuesday Adv Beginner Preakness Valley
Time: 5:30
Captain: TBD
Tuesday General - Meadows GC
Time: 5:30
Captain: Erin Kennedy/Tara Berberich


Tuesday General - Paramus GC
Time: 4:30
Captain: Denise Jaffe & Eileen Sullivan

Tuesday General - Paramus GC
Time: 5:30
Captains: Janet Greene & Joanne Malone

Tuesday General - Pinch Brook GC
Time: 5:00
Captain: Liz Heller


Wednesday Beginner* - Paramus GC
Time: 5:30
Captain:  BethAnn Iapicco

Wednesday General* - Emerson GC 
Time: 5:30
Captain:  Bunny Spano/Gale Fanale

Wednesday General* - Paramus GC
Time: 3:20
Captain:  Estelle Gatta


Wednesday General* - Preakness Valley
Time: 5:30
Captain: Michelle Donnelly
Wednesday General* - Valley Brook GC
Time: 5:20
Captain: Pat Schumacher
Wednesday General* Double Play               Orchard Hills/  Paramus GC
Time: 5:30
Captains: Ann Hurler & Karen Mazowiecki


Wednesday General* Double Play              Paramus GC/Orchard Hills
Time: 5:30
Captains: Lorie Saettler & Barbara Adamek

Wednesday General* Double Play            Galloping Hill/Ash Brook
Time: 4:30
Captain: Donna Salvo / Laurie Allen

Wednesday Intermediate* - Paramus GC
Time: 4:00
Captains: Lorraine Siu & Betsy Avella


Thursday Enhanced Advanced Beginner- Paramus GC
Time: 4:30
Captain: Kerri Donnelly

Thursday Advanced Beginner -        Preakness Valley
Time: 5:30
Captain: Emily Curtis

Thursday General - East Orange GC
Time: 5:30
Captain: Beth Maroney


Thursday General Paramus GC
Time: 3:20
Captain: Valerie Oakes-Locascio & Beryl Tobin
Thursday General - Paramus GC
Time: 5:40
Captain: Valerie Kriney

Thursday General Triple Play                           Valley Brook/Orchard HillsDarlington
Time: 5:10
Captain: Toni Maggio

Thursday Intermediate Triple Play                 Sunset Valley/Darlington/Orchard Hills
Time: 4:30
Captains: Blaze Steele & Patti Vernon


Friday General - Paramus GC
Time: 4:50
Captains: Linda Green & Meg Loughlin


Weekday - General 18-hole
Captain: Nancy Volpi

Weekend - Intermediate 18-hole
Captain: Kerri Donnelly

Weekend- Advanced 18-hole
Captain: Ceil Karafky & Rona Rosenblatt

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